100+ Blogs to Inspire the Creative Genius Inside You

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May 31st, 2009

By Meredith Walker

Researchers say you don’t have to be born with creativity flowing from your fingertips, but that you can nurture and grow your creativity. To start with, try opening yourself up to new ideas or learning about something you aren’t already familiar. The following blogs provide a great opportunity for you to see how others put their creativity to work and allow yourself to think in a new direction. Take a look at amazing craft and DIY projects, ways to organize and decorate your living space, read about literature, art, foreign cultures and travel, education, and ways to change your outlook on life with the blogs below.

Crafting Blogs

Whether you are a crafter or not, you can certainly appreciate the talent and creativity evident in these blogs.

  1. Average Jane Crafter. With a love of all things crafty, but especially those involving stitchery, Average Jane Crafter shares projects, information about other crafty folks, and much more with her readers.
  2. Vickie Howell. Knitting and crocheting are the focus on this blog written by the star of the popular show, Knitty Gritty, still seen in reruns on DIY Network.
  3. back and forth project. This craft project that grew from two friends sending a project between them to complete it together has evolved into a book in the works for publication.
  4. Diary of a Crafty Chica. From duct-tape handbags to seashell sandals, learn to make gorgeous crafty goods at this blog.
  5. Wise Craft. Yarn arts, sewing, children’s projects, and even cooking show up in this craft blog.
  6. Urban Debris. The ultimate in recycling, the craft projects here focus on reusing to create fun, beautiful new items.
  7. Angry Chicken. Sewing and homemade cards are the topics most frequented on this blog, while other subjects such as literature and family often join the fray.
  8. Creature Comforts. Get inspired with all the unique crafts presented on this blog, including cuckoo clock boutonnieres and apples made out of paperbacks.
  9. The Crochet Dude. Guys can get into the crafting act too. Check out what The Crochet Dude is creating on this blog.
  10. pommes frites. Check out Kristen’s creative projects as well as plenty of fun crafts from Etsy that she finds and shares on her blog.

DIY Blogs

If you like to make things yourself or are just interested in how others do so, then check out these blogs.

  1. Instructables Community Blog. Find out how to make the world’s largest pinata or test your Instructables knowledge with a quiz on this blog that will surely get your creativity flowing.
  2. Make: Blog. From the popular Make Magazine, their blog will help you learn how to make some seriously cool stuff.
  3. Gizmodo. Learn about the latest creative tech gadgets or find fun technology news and deals here.
  4. Hacked Gadgets. Learn to make creative tech gadgets such as an LCD display controlled by your computer or a pole-climbing robot.
  5. DIY City Blog. Independent artists with a DIY flair share their ideas that range from hand-made jewelry to knitted goodies.
  6. DIY Audio Projects. From vacuum tubes to subwoofers, this blog will help you build your own audio projects.
  7. Hacks Blog. Make a cake in a coffee mug, a Linux-controlled power switch, and much more with the information found on this blog.
  8. The Automata/Automaton Blog. If you are interested in making or collecting automata or mechanical toys, this blog will provide you with plenty of creative inspiration.
  9. DIY Woodworking, Home Improvement, and Art Projects. From building a guitar to installing a toilet, learn how to do it all with the information on this blog.

Blogs for Creativity in Your Living Space

If you need inspiration for a change in your home, then take a look at the decorating and decluttering ideas in these blogs.

  1. PadStyle. Those who love the sleek look of modern furniture will enjoy the inspiration found in this blog.
  2. Apartment Therapy.This blog offers stylish and useful ways to transform your small space into a showplace.
  3. Unclutterer. Become inspired to unclutter your space and keep it looking beautiful with the posts here that will help you learn what to do.
  4. Eva Designs. From funky wallpapers to fun playrooms to vintage appliances, this blog offers creative solutions for your decorating doldrums.
  5. Remodelista. With a focus on simple, uncluttered living space, this blog offers suggestions as well as places to purchase items to keep your living space beautifully simple and functional.
  6. Everlasting Designs. This blog helps readers to simplify and declutter their living space.
  7. Creative Organizing Blog. Get tips for creative ways to organize your space, suggestions for books to help organize your life, and more on this blog.
  8. Design*Sponge. Get lots of ideas for your decorating at this blog that includes before and afters, podcasts, and more.

Literature Blogs

A great way to open yourself up to new ideas is through reading. These blogs will point you in the right direction for great books or to learn about writing and writers.

  1. Blogging the Canon. This 40-something blogger shares his experiences of reading the classics he didn’t earlier in life.
  2. Trashionista. Find out about books and movies inspired by books at this blog.
  3. Nick Hornby. This popular British writer blogs about politics, writing, and life.
  4. Blog of a Bookslut. This blog is serious about literature–it just doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  5. Lovereading Blog. In addition to new releases and reviews, this blog offers a fun option of downloading the opening parts of certain books.
  6. 3000 Books. Reading an average of 50 books a year, this blogger shares reviews of all those books as she goes.
  7. Dave Gorman. This entertaining blog touches on everything from IT problems to art.
  8. Bookwormom. Find a wide variety of information from reviews to lists to off-topic posts about current events here.
  9. So Many Books. This reader shares what she’s reading as well as a bit about books and reading in general.
  10. Bookish. The books reviewed here are worth checking out, so refer to this blog to find out what you should read the next time you need a new book.
  11. The Gospel According to Marc. Marc Acito writes about everything from food to his career to inspiration on his blog.
  12. Bookfoolery and Babble. From fiction to non-fiction, the book reviews on this blog are so inspiring that you want to add them all to your reading list.

Art Blogs

These blogs offer a range of beauty and creativity in the fields of music, photography, fine art, and the world of art.

  1. Sound and Mind. Learn how the brain processes music at this blog about music cognition.
  2. The Feminist Spectator. Written by a professor at Princeton, this blog provides analyses of film, theater, and other performances with an emphasis on the feminist presence and how it relates to society.
  3. Conscientious. Find contemporary fine-art photography on this blog with information about the photographers as well as reviews of photography books and magazines.
  4. One Photo a Day. Get a new photo every day on this photo blog. You can browse through the past days to see more inspirational photos.
  5. Every Photo Tells a Story. Check out the images posted here each day for an assortment of photos and pictures.
  6. Portrait of Words. Discover plenty of writing prompts as well as a monthly photo prompt competition where writers are invited to view a set of photographs and challenged to create a story around them.
  7. Graphic Arts. This blog from Princeton shows photos of recent acquisitions in the Graphic Arts Division as well as the history behind each piece.
  8. Art News Blog. Get the latest news in the world of art from this blog.
  9. Art Knowledge News. With updates about exhibits as well as information about art, artists, museums, and more, this blog will keep you abreast with news in art world.
  10. New Art. The posts in this blog profile art by a variety of new artists as well as some of the background of the artist and pieces.
  11. Art Esprit. This curator and gallery owner posts about fine art and crafts that she finds interesting.
  12. art.blogging.la. With a focus on the art circles of Los Angeles, this blog is an interesting read if you are interested in art.
  13. Edward_Winkleman. Part gossip column and part art news, this blog will enlighten you on the art world in New York.
  14. The Intrepid Art Collector. Keep updated with information about the world of art, art books, and museum reviews.
  15. Modern Art Notes. Modern and contemporary art are the focus of this blog where you can learn about art from this well-respected blogger.

Blogs about Foreign Cultures

Not everyone can or likes to travel, but with these blogs, you never have to leave your chair to learn about Africa, Japan, India, Great Britain, Latin America, and more.

  1. halftribe. Learn about African culture from this blog that shares the written word, art, literature, and more.
  2. SAYMAMA. This Nigerian blogger includes cultural events, poetry, fashion, and politics in her blog.
  3. Poefrika. Find a quote and poem of the day, poetry, and prose among these African-inspired writings.
  4. Adventures of Mr. Behi. Based in the Netherlands, this Iranian man blogs about his experiences of travel and meeting others.
  5. shioyama. Available in both English and Japanese, this blog focuses on media, translation, and technology in Japan.
  6. solanasaurus. This Danish-Puerto Rican journalist shares her experiences as she lives and works in New York.
  7. Inba’s Corner. The beautiful posts on this blog offer the perspective of a modern woman in India.
  8. thebillblog. This British journalist focuses specifically on digital culture in his blog.
  9. El Oso. This blog provides a Latin American perspective and is also available in Spanish.
  10. Within/Without. From Bangladesh but currently living in London, Neha Viswanathan shares her experiences of life across both cultures.

Travel Blogs

These blogs offer yet another opportunity to learn about the world without leaving home and are written by experienced travelers who share their adventures.

  1. Vagabonding. Rolf Potts writes about places he’s visited, offers travel tips, writes about his experience with travelers, and more.
  2. Cheapest Destinations. This blog features ways to inspire your creativity while learning to travel inexpensively.
  3. Killing Batteries. This freelance travel writer shares his travel and writing experiences on his blog.
  4. Gadling. This blog provides travel and photography tips.
  5. Wonderlust and Lipstick. Women who travel will enjoy this blog that includes plenty of tips to ensure your travel goes smoothly.
  6. The Travel Blog by TravelPod. Get information on destinations, world news that affects travel, and more on this travel blog.
  7. Parisian Spring. This travel writer with a love of the French and their country offers great suggestions for your travel experiences.
  8. Collazo Projects. Written by a couple who share a passion for travel and culture, this blog shares their insight, especially with their experience among Latin American communities.
  9. Go Green Travel Green. If you want to be inspired by green travel and tourism, then check out this blog.
  10. What a Trip. Find out about budget travel opportunities, learn how to pack appropriately, get destination information, and more from the posts on this travel blog.
  11. Nile Guide. The Nile Guide team goes out into the world and brings it all back for you with stories, travel tips, and photos from around the world.

Education Blogs

The following blogs include information about education, e-learning, or topics of interest at institutes of higher learning.

  1. Lessig. Stanford Law School professor Lawrence Lessig writes this popular blog which typically includes topics from politics to technology to copyright issues.
  2. Mudd Manuscript Library Blog. Not only can you learn about upcoming exhibits at this Princeton Library, but you can also learn quite a bit about the pieces and their part in history as well.
  3. Thoughts from BFE. The technology director from the only fully online high school program in the US blogs about technology and online learning.
  4. Inspiration for Education. The news articles and interviews here offer uplifting stories that revolve around education.
  5. Michelle’s Online Learning Freakout Party Zone. Get tips and resources to enhance your online learning environment with this blog.
  6. Virtual High School Meanderings. This blog looks at the many issues of education, but with a focus on high-school online learning.
  7. The Becker-Posner Blog. Each post at this popular blog includes the view of these two well-respected law professors providing their own view on a specific topic.  
  8. My State of Flux. Find resources, reflections, and information about online learning in this blog.
  9. e-Learning Evangelist. This veteran online educator has plenty to share in this blog.
  10. Teaching and Developing Online. This blog offers lots of advice and links to resources to enhance the online learning environment.
  11. California Dreamin’. Learn about course development, conferences on distance education, and much more with this blog.

Blogs for Creative Professionals

If you make your living being creative, then check out these blogs to help inspire you when you need a new perspective.

  1. LifeClever. This blog for designers focuses on creativity and productivity both at work and in life.
  2. Presentation Zen. From technology to creativity, the tips here are invaluable if you make presentations.
  3. eirikso.com. Learn about Eirik Solheim’s less-is-more approach approach to photography and marketing in his blog.
  4. 43 Folders. This blog is devoted to helping spark creativity while increasing productivity at work.
  5. A List Apart. Web designers can find plenty of advice and inspiration for creating beautiful and effective websites with this blog.
  6. LifeDev. Devoted to empowering and inspiring creative types, topics include taking care of your body to boost your brain power and ways to boost creativity.
  7. David Seah. The insightful posts on this blog offer new ways for creatives to think about goals, productivity, and more.
  8. Escape from Cubical Nation. For those creatives trying to break out on their own, this blog offers inspirational tips and advice to help make the switch to a more productive and liberating work experience.

Blogs for Embracing Life

Sometimes a new perspective on life is all you need to find your creativity and motivation. These blogs will inspire you to look at your life in a whole new way.

  1. The Happiness Project. This blog is Gretchen Rubin’s experiment to find the best ways of attaining happiness and is truly inspirational.
  2. Illuminated Mind. Find your energy and inspiration from the posts at this blog that focus on following dreams, letting go of unnecessary baggage, and more.
  3. Zen Habits. The inspirational posts at this blog will help you learn to live more simply, yet more fully, while embracing all aspects of life, including family, work, and personal time.
  4. On Simplicity. Learn ways to simplify your life, both physically and mentally, and make the most of your time.
  5. Stepcase Lifehack. The posts here focus on topics such as money, technology, work, and productivity.
  6. How to Change the World. Guy Kawasaki writes this blog that will inspire entrepreneurs with topics such as the value of neatness, making the most of collaborative environments, and increasing the value of learning.
  7. Lifehacker. With an emphasis on the high tech, this blog offers tons of suggestions for enhancing both work and life.
  8. Delightful Work. This blog suggests ways to free up time, express yourself, put your vision into practice, and more as you move from employee to entrepreneur.

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