What Not to Forget to Bring to College

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May 31st, 2009

No matter how prepared you are for college and how well you have packed, there always comes that moment when you realize you left something that would be totally useful. Here are some items to bring, if you have them, or consider picking up, if you don’t.

Tools and a first aid kit are almost essential. Of course, you can buy tools that you need as you need them, or borrow from other people in your hall, but that can take up way too much time. And trying to locate first aid items when you need them could potentially be hazardous to your health. Grab a cheap first aid kit and a hammer, nails and screwdriver. That should hold you over for the most pressing matters. Also, duct tape is completely all-purpose. Bring a roll and use it to fix pretty much anything.

Bring a bowl and silverware. You can bring an entire dish set, which comes in handy, too, but you can eat pretty much anything in a bowl.

A power strip with surge protection is not commonly thought about when packing, but it’s hugely useful because you and your roommate will have so many things to plug in that you will need the extra sockets. It will also protect your computer from power surges. Extension cords are also a necessity. Plan to bring a few. This way you won’t have to arrange your room or appliances according to where the outlets are located.

A mattress pad will save you from uncomfortable dorm room beds and help you get better sleep. Throw pillows are something overlooked, but they really add to the comfort of your bed. And since it will be your hang out for the next year, you may as well make it as comfortable as possible.

Don’t forget hangers! Don’t go to hang up your clothes and realize you’ve forgotten that important element.

A water filter is also something that you don’t think about until midway through the year when you see someone else has one. Why buy water when you can get it for free with a filter.

Ear plugs sound kind of lame, but they can save you when you need to get your sleep and your roommate has decided to continue her Grey’s Anatomy marathon into the night.

Flip flops are also an ultimate necessity. You will have to use the community showers in your dorm rooms and the floors can be questionable. A plastic carrying case for toiletries will also save you. Make sure it has holes in the bottom so any water that gets inside will flow out instead of creating an even more questionable situation than the bathroom floor.

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