100 Professors You Should Follow and Learn from on Twitter

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June 1st, 2009


    Although most people think of Twitter as a tool for communication, networking, and marketing, it’s also a great resource for education as well. By following professors and other educators, you can get learning straight from the source without even having to step into a classroom. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 of the most valuable professors active on Twitter today.



    Follow these professors to get a business education.

    1. @Nouriel: Nouriel Roubini is a professor at Stern School, NYU, and a Chairman of RGE Monitor, as well as a web entrepreneur.
    2. @WayneMarr: This professor of Business Administration is also the cofounder of SSRN.
    3. @HenryAlzamora: Check out professor Henry Alzamora to learn about Internet entrepreneurship and advertising.
    4. @SCMProfessor: If you’re interested in supply chain management, be sure to check out @SCMProfessor.
    5. @hlovins: @hlovins is a professor of sustainable management.
    6. @CRA1G: Craig Froehle offers his take as a business professor and healthcare operations researcher.
    7. @CookingStrategy: Michael Rouse is a strategy professor interested in social enterprise, communities of passion, and born globals working to better the world.
    8. @doctorius: Matthew Gilbert offers something for almost everyone as a professor of business, communication, English, and IT.
    9. @cathymartin: Cathy Martin is an HR consultant specializing in human capital.
    10. @SashaStrauss: Sasha Strauss offers knowledge as a brand strategist, professor, and business owner.
    11. @BelugaBoyd: If you want to learn about sustainable entrepreneurship and green technology, check out what Boyd Cohen has to say.
    12. @jefftrexler: Follow Jeff Trexler to learn about social enterprise.


    You can learn about marketing, on Twitter and off, through these professors.

    1. @Debbas: This professor of marketing is a social media expert and founder of promotional items and printing.
    2. @vargas1: Lauren Vargas offers her knowledge as a public relations and marketing communication professor.
    3. @ejyoung67: You can learn about Internet marketing, social media, and more from associate professor of marketing Elaine Young.
    4. @harishbnair: This professor is a marketing evangelist.
    5. @allenweiss: Allen Weiss is the CEO and founder of MarketingProfs.
    6. @stylexplorers: @stylexplorers offers information on marketing, advertising, and social media.
    7. @flahertb: @flahertb is a marketing professor at James Madison University.
    8. @carol_phillips: This millenial marketing enthusiast works as a marketing professor at University of Notre Dame and specializes in online market research.
    9. @Schengber: @Schengber is interested in community marketing and management.
    10. @CapitolB: Barbara Saylor is a PR professor and connoisseur of the lush and lovely.
    11. @dmhoro: @dmhoro focuses on successful personal branding.
    12. @gHarsha: @gHarsha is interested in new media consumption and advertising.


    Follow these professors to learn about finance and economics.

    1. @PaulKrugman: Check out @PaulKrugman to learn from a professor of Economics and International Affairs, as well as a New York Times columnist.
    2. @ProfCarol: Carol Dickson-Carr is a part-time economics professor, Six Sigma green belt, productivity coach, and more.


    These professors offer knowledge in technology and beyond.

    1. @courosa: Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media.
    2. @hmason: Hilary Mason is a computer science professor, data scientist, and a web geek.
    3. @gallaugher: @gallaugher is a professor of information systems and publisher of The Week in Geek.
    4. @CindyRoyal: Check out Cindy Royal’s tweets to learn from a professor of web design and multimedia.
    5. @lavasusan: This Hawaiian professor is interested in all things tech.
    6. @nancito: Nancy Morales is a tech professor and educational IT adviser that’s enthusiastic about web 2.0.
    7. @m_scott: Learn about technology from this professor and director of instructional technology.
    8. @lemire: Check out @lemire to learn about computer science, elearning, and more.
    9. @ciberesfera: Ines Amaral is interested in cyberculture, social networks, web 2.0, virtual worlds, and cyberjournalism.
    10. @billgx: Check out Bill Genereux to learn from a computer/digital media professor.

    Communications & Media

    Twitter is one of the fastest growing and popular forms of new media, so it has naturally attracted an impressive amount of communications, media, and PR professors.

    1. @robertstevenson: Follow Robert Stevenson to get an education in mass communications.
    2. @jenleereeves: This new media enthusiast is an associate professor in the Missouri School of Journalism.
    3. @GreensladeR: Roy Greenslade offers his take as a professor of journalism, freelance journalist, and media commentator.
    4. @drgilpin: Check out @drgilpin to learn about communication and PR.
    5. @RadioCarla: @RadioCarla is a communication professor, Disney travel agent, and former radio geek.
    6. @mattmansfield: Matt Mansfield is a Medill journalism professor and the president of the Society for News Design.
    7. @christiebrkt: Christie Ann Barakat offers knowledge in mass communication, social psychology, and social media.
    8. @chutry: Chuck Tryon is a professor of film and media studies as well as a movie geek.
    9. @garyschwitzer: Gary Schwitzer is an associate professor of journalism and publisher of HealthNewsReview.org.
    10. @therefore: You can learn about emerging media from professor Dean Terry.
    11. @theaudioprof: Rob Potter’s tweets will teach you about mass communication and cognitive science.
    12. @DBallardReisch: You can learn about strategic communication from @DBallardReisch.
    13. @penningink: @penningink is a PR professor and consultant.
    14. @dquack: @dquack is a PR professor and strategic communications advisor.
    15. @billhandy: You can learn about public relations, communication strategy, and more from Bill Handy.
    16. @Hermida: This digital news pioneer is also a professor of integrated journalism at the University of British Columbia.
    17. @davidmsilver: Learn about media studies from David M. Silver.
    18. @agranado: On Antonio Granado’s Twitter feed, you’ll learn all about journalism.
    19. @rmack: Rebecca MacKinnon offers her view as a new media professor, journalist, and blogger.
    20. @BarbaraNixon: Barbara Nixon is a public relations and communication proessor as well as a PhD candidate.
    21. @raquelrecuero: Racquel Recuero spends her time as a professor and researcher of social networks, virtual communities, and social media.

    Science & Math

    If you’re interested in math and science, be sure to check out these Twittering professors.

    1. @MarcusduSautoy: Marcus offers knowledge as a Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and a professor of mathematics.
    2. @ghoberg: Learn about environmental and natural resource policy from @ghoberg.

    Liberal Arts

    Here we have a great collection of English, Anthropology, and other liberal arts professors.

    1. @wealthsource: Read Steve Laycock’s tweets to learn about philosophy.
    2. @monasaves: Anna Chris is an English professor, writer, editor, and social media apprentice.
    3. @captain_primate: @captain_primate shares knowledge as a professor of cultural heritage informatics and learning.
    4. @shona2412: Gargi Nath is a professor of English in India.
    5. @alew: Alan A. Lew is a professor of geography and tourism at Northern Arizona University.
    6. @lisbet: You can learn about media, graphic design, anthropology, and cultural studies from @lisbet.
    7. @mjvalente: Maria Joao Valente is an archaeologist and professor.
    8. @alicejrobison: This assistant professor of English studies the literacy practices in social media, particularly video games.
    9. @billwolff: Check out @billwolff to learn about writing arts, new media, web design, information architecture, and tech writing.
    10. @ethicsblogger: Chris MacDonald is a philosophy professor who blogs about business ethics and biotech.
    11. @roomynaqvy: Check out Roomy Naqvy to find an English professor, translator, blogger, and investor.
    12. @doctorandree: This English professor is also a Fulbright winner.

    Law & Politics

    Get a look into politics and legal matters through these professors.

    1. @shaunjamison: Shaun Jamison is a law professor, attorney, coach, speaker, and more.
    2. @drdigipol: Learn from a digiral political strategist in Alan Rosenblatt.
    3. @thejimjams: If you’re interested in media law, be sure to check out James Hirsen.
    4. @stevemeltzer: Steve Meltzer offers an education in business, privacy, and nonprofit law.
    5. @HHRadio: Check out @HHRadio to learn from a law professor and radio broadcaster.
    6. @TradeSecretLaw: Scott Gibson is an adjunct professor of law, business lawyer, counselor, and adviser.
    7. @kohenari: Follow @kohenari to learn about political theory.
    8. @BKPundit: Read what Dwight Alvis has to say to learn from a professor of political science.
    9. @jmilles: Jim Milles works as a law professor in Buffalo, New York.


    These professors practice and teach theology.

    1. @LigonDuncan: This professor of theology is also a Presbyterian minister.
    2. @Drpoulette: Dennis Poulette offers his knowledge as a youth ministry professor.


    These Twittering professors focus on education and elearning.

    1. @jonbecker: You can learn about technology and leadership in education from professor of educational leadership John Becker.
    2. @wgraziadel: Visit Bill Graziadei to learn more about eLearning.
    3. @candyschwartz: Learn about library information science from Candy Schwartz.
    4. @retro_man: @retro_man is an eLearning and instructional design evangelist.
    5. @zeitz: If you’re interested in instructional technology, be sure to check out Leigh Zeitz.
    6. @chrispenny: Chris Penny offers his knowledge as an educational technology professor.
    7. @DougCovey: This nonprofit education provider and adjunct professor believes all kids are capable of success.
    8. @bridener: Barbara Ridener offers her knowledge as a math education professor.


    These professors can help you learn more about the way the mind works.

    1. @toddkashdan: Todd Kasdhdan is a psychology professor and positive psychology researcher.
    2. @KevinLBurke: Kevin L. Burke, PhD works as a sport psychology college professor and business consultant.
    3. @madure: If you want to learn about behavioral science and law, be sure to check out professor Lakshman Madurasinghe.


    From these professors, you’ll learn about medicine, health, and more.

    1. @DoctorRobin: This professor specializes as an integrative physician and compassionate healer.
    2. @DrAmorWellness: Amor Santiago works as a university professor in public health and prevention.


    Follow these professors to get an arts education on Twitter.

    1. @MontyCraigMusic: Monty Craig is a professor of jazz guitar at Clemson University and professional bandleader.
    2. @metromediaqueen: Tricia Thomas is a Photoshop professor and a student of the arts.
    3. @mikejjohnson: Check out Michael Johnson to learn from a professor at Berklee College of Music.
    4. @ryanseslow: Ryan Seslow is a prolific artist and professor of art.
    5. @drkent: Dr. Kent Guvstavson is a professor and PhD classical composer.

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