What is an Associate Degree Worth Now?

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November 19th, 2009

With the many different forms of degrees that are available to students in the online community, it becomes necessary to ask why a student would opt for an associate degree rather than the most advantageous Bachelor’s Degree.  As degrees are worth less and less these days, it becomes important to research into the viable career aspects for students earning associate’s degrees.

Types of Associate’s Degrees
Associate of Arts
Associate of Science
Associate in Applied Science
Associate in Industrial Technology
Associate in Business Administration
Associate in Occupational Studies
Associate of Fine Arts
Associate in Physical Therapy
Associate in Occupational Studies

This is only a brief list of options for associate degrees, but it is obvious that there are mayn options out there for students wishing to pursue this type of degree.  One of the most common is the IT Associate Degree because there has been and will continue to be a high demand for IT professionals.  Many IT technicians did not receive Ph.D.’s in Computer Science, but simply received basic training from a superior.  Earning an associate degree in Industrial Technology allows you as a student to get a head up on the competition because you will already be certified in this specialty.

Other degrees offer similar benefits.  An Associate of Arts degree is typically for students who could not make it into a traditional 4-year university, but instead allows them to take several classes and then transfer to a different school.  The extra Associate’s Degree supplements their resumes in a number of ways and allows potential employers to see that rather than give up on school, they were able to put an extra effort into attaining a valuable education.

Furthermore, many associate degrees offer certificates that can be earned in less than two years, thereby offering students the chance to enter the career world in half the time a typical college degree takes. While this is not ideal for everyone, it offers many students the opportunity to begin making better money than they are currently making, and may allow them to return to school in several years for another degree.  Liberal arts associate’s degrees are currently the highest rated degrees, with students earning over 100,000 more per year with nursing degrees the second rated. 

Liberal arts associate’s degrees offer students the opportunity to pursue a wide array of subjects both in their careers and in further schooling.  Because liberal arts degrees have become increasingly applicable to modern society, it is no wonder that they are at the top of the list for associate’s degrees.  The fact that nursing is the second highest rated is no surprise either, as the health industry has emerged as one of the highest in demand for careers in all aspects.

While associates degrees do not get the respect they deserve many times, they provide students with a  stepping stone to a further degree and a valuable certificate for many different forms of careers, it simply depends what you wish to pursue in life. 

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