Benefits of Having a Minor

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December 17th, 2009

A minor is a secondary field that accompanies a major. Minors give students the chance to pursue their personal interests, without having to double major. Many college programs require student to have or get a minor in addition to their major. Here are some of the benefits of earning a minor.

One major benefit of earning a minor is that it takes less time to get than another major. Minors do require students to take more hours and higher-level classes, but it’s not nearly as many hours as a major. And because your minor is designed to be a focus of your interests, you’ll probably really enjoy your minor classes. Also, minors are less expensive to get than adding another major. Another benefit of having a minor is that it promotes diversity and expands your knowledge. Minors are added education that enhance your major and make you a more marketable job applicant. Whether or not your minor is in line with your major courses, it is still additional education that expands your learning and makes you different from other students.

Not only do minors look impressive on paper, but the secondary field can also make you a more qualified job candidate. Employers look for well-rounded candidates with experienced backgrounds. A minor can give applicants that edge that will make them stand out from other applicants, especially if it can be applied to a specific job position. For example, a journalism major with a photography minor, or a business major with a Spanish minor can be very useful in the working world. There are many major-minor combinations that can benefit students looking for specific work, while others who plan on applying to med school or law school can have more leeway when choosing a minor that doesn’t necessarily relate to their major.

Another benefit of having a minor is that it indicates some level of expertise and experience. You’ve spent a significant amount of time studying your minor subject, and by the time you graduate you’ll have a wealth of knowledge in more than one field. You can use this knowledge to your advantage when applying for jobs and during interviews. You may be able to find a position that incorporates both your major and minor, or use the skills you’ve acquired from your minor in your current job.

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