50 Great Sites for Studying Ancient History Online

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January 31st, 2010

By Pamelia Brown

If you don’t have time to head out to a museum, travel halfway around the world, or even take a course but still want to learn more about ancient history–not to worry. These great sites offer opportunities to college students at all levels to study and better understand these ancient cultures through videos, photos and much more.


These sites cover a range of ancient cultures.

  1. Ancient History Sourcebook: This site is absolutely full of useful resources on ancient cultures like Persia, Rome and Ancient Egypt.
  2. Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Get an introduction to ancient cultures from around the world using the summaries, photos and information found on this site.
  3. BBC Ancient History In-Depth: Check out this site for information on India, the Vikings, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and much more.
  4. Ancient History: Use this site to look for even more resources to help you research or learn more about the world’s ancient civilizations.
  5. About.com: Ancient History: This site posts all kinds of information about different ancient historical events and figures from Attila the Hun to the Punic Wars.
  6. Best History Websites: Ancient/Biblical History: Through this site you’ll find links to ancient history sites on all kinds of subjects. Sites are rated, so you’ll know if what you’re getting is good or just so-so.


Use these sites to explore this classical civilization.

  1. Perseus Digital Library: Tufts University Library maintains this online collection of hundreds of works of Greek playwrights and philosophers.
  2. The Ancient City of Athens: This site contains a large number of photographs that document the archeological remains of the ancient city of Athens.
  3. The British Museum: Ancient Greece: The British Museum has an amazing collection of Greek artifacts, a good number of which you can see on this site. Visitors will also get a chance to learn about Greek culture like markets, festivals, daily life and more.
  4. The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization: The website for this PBS special offers a great timeline of Greek civilization as well as numerous informative links and stories.
  5. The Ancient Greek World: Visit this site to see an online version of the Greek art collected at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.


As a society that influenced much, and conquered most of Europe and parts of Africa and Asia, you undoubtedly know a little about Roman civilization, but these sites can help you learn even more.

  1. Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors: Through this site you can look up just about any Roman ruler and their family to learn about them as individuals and their place in history.
  2. Roman Law: Roman Law played a role in determining the legal systems we have today, and you can see a great record of it on this site.
  3. LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World: Here you’ll find a collection of Greek and Latin texts, helpful free books, and some beautiful photos of Roman ruins and artifacts.
  4. Illustrated History of the Roman Empire: This site is an absolute must for learning about the history of the Roman empire, as it offers not only good reading, but images that go alongside to help make explanations clearer.
  5. The Classics Page: On this page you’ll find news, information and even games all focused on the lives and culture of ancient Greeks and Romans.
  6. Forum Romanium: This site is home to a library of Roman literature, outlines of Roman history, and detailed information about the daily lives and medical knowledge of the Romans.
  7. From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians: Learn more about how the Roman empire fell and Christian civilization took over on this site.


Visit these sites to learn more about ancient Asian cultures like those of China and Japan.

  1. Ancient China: Through this site you can learn about ancient Chinese history, culture and philosophy.
  2. East Asian History Sourcebook: From religious traditions to Imperial rulers, this site offers a great selection of links to help you learn about China, Japan and Korea.
  3. Mysterious Mummies of China: This site is all about the Takla Makan mummies: where they came from, who they were, and the uses of mummification around the world.
  4. Timeline of Chinese Dynasties: Chinese culture has existed for several millennia and is divided into numerous dynasties that you can find ordered and explained on this site.
  5. Asian Studies Virtual Library: Learn more about the ancient and modern history of East and South Asian nations through the resources on this site.
  6. Ancient Japan: Read through this site to get a great overview of Japanese history.


Take a look back in time with these great ancient Indian history sites.

  1. BuddhaNet: Use this site to learn more about the origins and spread of Buddhism and the Buddha himself.
  2. The British Museum: Ancient India: This site offers lessons on the Buddha, geography, civilizations of the Indus Valley, writing and more.
  3. ILoveIndia.com Ancient India: Read through this site and click on the links to learn more about the religious history and the biggest empires in ancient India.
  4. South Asian History: Ancient India: Visit this site for links to information on all aspects of ancient Indian culture.
  5. The Hindu Universe: This site will help you to learn more about the history and origins of Hinduism.

Near East

These sites will let you learn more about the cradle of civilization–ancient Mesopotamia–and the people who called it home.

  1. ABZU: Here you will find a map of where to find open access data on the web all about ancient Near East and Mediterranean cultures.
  2. Cuneiform Digital Library: This site will help you learn more about one of the earliest written languages in the world–Cuneiform.
  3. Hittite Home Page: The links, information and photos on this page will help you learn more about the Near Eastern society of the Hittites.
  4. Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean World: The University of Chicago Library offers this interactive and informative collection of historical data on the Near East.
  5. Oriental Institute Virtual Museum: Explore the amazing collections of this museum on their fully-featured website.
  6. Art of the First Cities: You don’t have to visit the Met to appreciate their exhibits, as this online collection will let you see some of the most famous works from Mesopotamia.


Take a look at these sites to find out more about the lives of the pharaohs and the people they ruled throughout the centuries.

  1. Duke Papyrus Archive: Look through ancient texts and drawings in this amazing digital collection housed at Duke University.
  2. Theban Mapping Project: This site is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking to learn about the Valley of the Kings and Egyptian burial practices.
  3. Egyptology Resources: Use this site to find even more resources and information about ancient Egyptian culture.
  4. Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt: From hieroglyphs to lists of kings and queens, this site offers a wealth of information on this ancient culture.
  5. Egypt’s Golden Empire: On the website of this PBS special, you’ll be able to learn about the height of Egyptian civilization during the New Kingdom.


These sites will help you learn more about some of the great civilizations who have called Africa home.

  1. Wonders of the African World: From the kingdoms of the Nile to the ancient city of Timbuktu, this site will help you explore ancient African cultures around the continent.
  2. Africa: South of the Sahara: Use this site to find all the information you could want on ancient African cultures.
  3. Pre-Colonial Africa: This About.com site will point you in the direction of some of the biggest ancient civilizations in Africa.
  4. Kingdoms of Medieval Sudan: Explore the history of this area of Western Africa from the earliest cultures to the later introduction of Islam on this site.
  5. NubiaNet: This site can help you learn about ancient cultures like the Kush, Kerma and the Mangbetu.


Through these resources, you can learn more about the ancient cultures of North and South America.

  1. The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame: This site will help you learn about this game of life and death played by ancient Mayans.
  2. Ancient America: World of the American Indian: Use this site as a helpful starting point in learning about some of the biggest Native groups living in North America.
  3. Ancient America: This site offers information on the Inca, the Maya, the Aztecs and more.
  4. Civilizations in America: Here you’ll find information to study the culture of a variety of ancient American cultures.
  5. Cahokia Mounds: Visit this site to learn about one of the largest ancient cities ever built in North America.

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