100 Useful Social Sites for Every Kind of Job Seeker

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March 1st, 2010

Whether you’re out of a job, a college student just starting out in the real world, or an old pro looking to make the switch to a new field, finding a great job opening in an economy where unemployment is skyrocketing is a tough task indeed. While finding a job may not always be easy, you can help pave the way to success by using some of the great tools and forums the web offers for those on the hunt for employment. Here you’ll find a list of 100 sites that let you connect with employers, others in your field and potential clients to help get your job search off the ground and your career back on track.


These sites cover a lot of ground when it comes to networking and finding a job, so they’re a great place to start.

  1. Jobster: Sign up through this site to create a free career profile, allowing you to search for jobs and for employers to find you.
  2. JobFox: JobFox is a bit like a dating site, but for jobs, not singles. Create a profile and it will match you up with the job listings you’re best suited for.
  3. Monster: As one of the largest job sites on the web, Monster is a great place to start seeing what kind of work is out there.
  4. CareerBuilder: Sign up with this site to create and share your resume, search for jobs, and get help and tips with your search.
  5. Ning: With Ning, you can search for social networks that meet your interests or if you don’t find one, create your own.
  6. FD Career: With this site you’ll create a profile, learn about companies, find helpful articles and join a lively community of professionals.
  7. SimplyHired: This site lets you search for jobs from all over the web, then quickly and easily send your stored information to listings that you find interesting.
  8. Beyond.com: Find loads of niche career communities on this site, as well as a powerful job search tool.
  9. BrightCircles: Stay in touch with your coworkers and business connections using this social network.
  10. Koda: Use this site to contact employers you’re interested in working with, look through listings and meet others looking for work.
  11. Jobirn: This insider referral network helps give you a leg up in the job search by hooking you up with someone who can actually put in a good word for you and get you job interviews.
  12. indeed: Search for jobs worldwide on this site and use it to share and store your work information.
  13. Climber.com: If you’re already doing well at work, check out this website that will put you in touch with recruiters and companies looking to hire.

College Grads

These sites cater to those who have their degrees, connecting them with alumni and setting up helpful recruiting connections.

  1. Alumwire: Join this online community for information about jobs and career fairs as well as useful tools for getting in touch with alumni in your field.
  2. MyWorkster: Go through your college community to find out about job and networking opportunities in your area using this site.
  3. Doostang: Those with an Ivy League education can make a variety of useful alumni and business connections through this grad-focused site.
  4. Alumni.net: Connect or reconnect with those you knew in school to turn acquaintances into business opportunities through this social network.
  5. Brazen Careerist: Young professionals can create a profile, find jobs, network and meet potential collaborators through this site.
  6. Zumeo: Join this online network to get connected with internships and find loads of networking opportunities.
  7. iHipo: This site is a great place to search for work near home or even a bit more far flung, with networks connecting you with internships and jobs alike.
  8. AfterCollege: Sign up for this site to get access to listings and networks for loads of entry level positions.

Resume Help

Make sure your resume is in top shape and accessible to potential employers with help from these social sites.

  1. Razume: Upload your resume to this community site and you’ll get access to help and criticism from others who can help you create a better resume.
  2. VisualCV: Join this site to make a better, more technologically savvy resume you can send and share with anyone.
  3. Emurse: Use this social site to create, store and share your resume as well as enjoy networking and job search opportunities.
  4. ResumeBucket: Need a place to store your resume online? This site does just that and more.
  5. ResumeSocial: Post your resume to this community and you’ll be able to get free, and hopefully helpful, feedback on improving how you look on paper.
  6. Ziggs: This site lets you take control of your online presence, from how you appear in searches to the state of your resume.
  7. YaaZe: Create a resume using this site, publish it, and you’ll get updates when jobs that meet your needs become available.

Job Prep and Research

Learn more about companies, job search sites, pay and more through these helpful sites.

  1. InterActive Applicant: Join this site to get access to recruitment that lets you not only show off your resume but who you really are as well.
  2. InterviewBest: Use this great site to make sure you’re prepped and ready for your next interview.
  3. JibberJobber: This site lets you easily manage your job search, with great online tools and opportunities for networking.
  4. Job Board Reviews: Find out if the job board you’re visiting is legit with reviews found on this site.
  5. Salary.com: Are you being paid what you deserve? Find out from this site.
  6. VirtualJobCoach: Job seekers can join this site and get help organizing and managing their job search.


Why not use social networking for what it was designed to do–network? These sites make it easy to connect with colleagues, fellow workers and potential employers.

  1. LinkedIn: This business networking site is a must for those trying to connect with others in their field or just make it easy for people to find out what they do.
  2. Facebook: Facebook can be fun for talking to friends, playing games and posting funny pictures but it can also work for business if you create a serious, professional profile.
  3. Twitter: Send out daily updates and follow those in your field or who have job openings using this tool.
  4. iMantri: Need a mentor to get you on the path to success? This networking site will hook you up with someone who can show you the ropes.
  5. Company of Friends: As one of the oldest business social networks, this site has an extensive network of contacts for you to use.
  6. Ecademy: With this site you can make connections, share what you know and build your personal brand as you go.
  7. Meetup: Find out about professional events, networking opportunities and more through this great social tool.
  8. Plaxo: Create a listing of contacts on this site so you can carry your business connections with you everywhere.
  9. Xing: Manage your existing business contacts and make new ones through this site.
  10. Networking for Professionals: If you’re a professional looking to expand your immediate circle of contacts, give this great networking site a try.
  11. WorkNT: Find jobs and employers, post your information, and talk with others on this great networking site.
  12. Cofoundr: If you’re more of the type who wants to start their own business, consider using this site as a way to make a myriad of great, useful connections.


If you feel like freelancing is a direction you’d like to go, then check out these sites to find great opportunities and connections.

  1. Elance: Find employers looking to hire freelancers for a variety of different projects through this helpful social site.
  2. Guru.com: This site is not only a good place to find a job but a great place to get answers to all your freelancing questions as well.
  3. Sologig: If you’ve been working in your field for quite some time, you can use this site to find great job listings that require your level of experience.
  4. Go Freelance: Through this site you can find work, read articles and promote your skills as a freelancer.
  5. MeetingWave: With this online tool you can find people who are interested in your business and decide whether or not you want to meet them in person.
  6. iFreelance: Create a portfolio on this site and use it to find employers who are looking for freelancers with your skills.
  7. FreshWebJobs: Those who freelance on the web can find programming, development and design jobs on this site.
  8. Freelancer.com: Join this site and browse through the listings to find a job that suits your needs.
  9. ContractedWork: There’s all kind of short term work to be found through this site, just register and start searching.
  10. PowerLance: This freelancer-focused site allows you to search for projects and bid on ones that you’re interesting in pursuing.


Those working in a creative field can find art- and writing-focused jobs and communities on these sites.

  1. Coroflot: Post your portfolio on this design site to showcase your work and help you find jobs.
  2. Media Bistro: Connect with others in the content development and media industries on this site, as well as get updates about jobs.
  3. Krop: With blogs, a database, and job listings on this site, it’s a great resource for designers looking for work.
  4. PoeWar: The Writing Career Center is a great place to find career advice and also find jobs that will advance your career.
  5. DesignCrowd: If you want to gain some recognition and even earn a few cash prizes, use this site to find and enter design contests from around the globe.
  6. WriterLance: Writers out there who love what they do but also want to make a living can use this site to hook up with and work with potential buyers.
  7. Authentic Jobs: Find both full-time and freelance creative jobs on this site or just read what the blog has to say.
  8. AltPick: Promote your creative talents and find those looking to pay for them on this community-based site.
  9. FreelanceWriting.com: Find links to contests, events, jobs and more on this writing site.
  10. CreativeHeads: From animation to programming, you’ll find a wealth of creative-oriented jobs through this site.


Get your foot in the door to the corporate and entrepreneurship world with these resources.

  1. Jigsaw: Find a huge collection of B2B contacts on this site that you can use to find work and promote your business.
  2. Ryze: Create your own homepage and start networking with other business professionals on this site.
  3. Fast Pitch: Got a great business idea? Pitch it to potential investors on this site.
  4. Meet the Boss: Those in upper management can make great business connections that can be useful in working collaboratively or changing jobs.
  5. Spoke: Using this site you can share your professional info and get hooked up with people that might be good to know in your line of work.
  6. NetParty: Those who are young and want to make valuable business connections should consider using this site. It lets you know where and when networking events are being held.
  7. InboundMarketing: Find marketing news, training and an online community on this helpful site.
  8. JaseZone: Try out this site to create your own personal profile and share your business expertise with others.


Put your IT, programming and computer knowledge to good use through the job offers found on these sites.

  1. Dice: This site lets you search for all kinds of tech jobs and engage in discussions in an online community to boot.
  2. 37Signals: Use this job board to find computer related work that fits your needs.
  3. ITLance: If you prefer to freelance, advertise yourself or find existing projects through this site.
  4. CoderCaste: Find out about jobs, read articles and join in techie talk in the forums on this site.
  5. ScriptLance: This site will help you to connect with companies that are looking for programmers.
  6. LimeExchange: Ideal for web developers and programmers, this site is full of great job opportunities.
  7. nPost: Find tech-related jobs on this site’s job feed and keep up with the latest news on the blog.

Small Jobs

Whether you need part time work, want to work from home or just need a little extra cash, these social sites will help you find it.

  1. Care.com: Find work as a nanny, tutor, housekeeper, special needs caretaker and more through this site.
  2. HireaHelper: If you’ve got some skills that can help someone out around the house, you can use this network to find a job in your area.
  3. Sitters.com: With availabilities for sitters of all kinds–from pets to houses–this site is a great place to find some part-time work.
  4. Book a Lesson: Those who want to share their skills and make a little profit at the same time can use this site to book music, sports and arts lessons.
  5. TutorLinker: If you’ve got the skills and expertise to tutor students, why not do it in your spare time? This site offers a wealth of networking opportunities to find you a job.
  6. TutorNation: Connect with students in need of a little help in their studies through this site.
  7. NannyAvailable: Those looking for a more long-term commitment can find a wide variety of nanny and au pair jobs on this network.
  8. OneHourTranslation: If you know more than one language, don’t let your skills go unused. Check back with this site frequently to find quick translation gigs.


From niche job sites to helpful job search tools, these sites are well worth a visit.

  1. Inovahire: Prefer to interview online? This innovative site gives you the option of meeting with employers right on the web.
  2. LayoffSpace.com: Out of work? You’re not alone. This site lets you talk to and network with others who are in the same boat.
  3. SkillWho: Show off what you can do with this online community designed to let professionals showcase their years of experience, education or whatever else lets them stand out.
  4. TalentSpring: Enter your skills and expertise into this network and it will match you up with employers looking for those qualities and abilities.
  5. TwitHire: This site proves that Twitter can be a valuable tool in finding a job, letting you track job listings sent out through the site.
  6. WhotoTalkto: Want to work for a particular company but aren’t sure who’s important enough to get you a job? This site will show you the way.
  7. FindLaw: Use this site to find law jobs aplenty and learn about lawyers and firms in your area.
  8. LatPro: Hispanic job hunters who are bilingual can put their skills to use through the postings found on this site.
  9. YourOnRamp: Designed with moms in mind, this social network helps women who want to return to the workforce do it in style.
  10. MedHunting: Use this site to connect and search for medical jobs in a wide range of fields.
  11. PoliceOne: Not finding police work in your area? Try out this search tool to find where the best law enforcement jobs are and to read more about the field in general.

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