20 Side-Splitting Web Comics for the Stressed-Out College Kid

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October 21st, 2010

College can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Whether you’re in school for an Associate’s degree or a PhD, sometimes you just need a little comic relief. These web comics provide just that, poking fun at college life, society, stereotypes and sometimes being just plain silly. So the next time you feel overwhelmed with school, work and life in general, check out one of these great web comics for a laugh.

  1. Questionable Content: Written by Jeph Jacques, this is one of the oldest and most popular web comics out there. Readers can follow the characters through their everyday lives, dealing with the important issues in life like sex, love, relationships and indie rock.
  2. PhD: Also known as "Piled Higher and Deeper", this comic is a great read for students in or thinking or heading to graduate school. Written by Jorge Cham, a PhD holder himself, the comic follows students as they face many of the challenges, pitfalls and little annoyances that come along with getting a higher degree.
  3. The Fart Party: This autobiographical comic follows the daily events, childhood, struggles and even failures of its author, Julie Wertz. Contrary to the title, it has little to nothing to do with farts.
  4. Ninjas Don’t Knit: Check out this comic to follow the adventures of Chris, an average guy who has some bad luck, and his friends, Ray and Mike. Updated every Friday, readers will enjoy seeing what strange and hilarious situations the characters will get into next.
  5. Toothpaste for Dinner: The hand-drawn characters in this comic are cute, but also offer up some great ironic humor. Students will appreciate the clever quips, social satire and hilarious jokes within. Better yet, each strip is self-contained so there’s no need to read endless archives (unless you want to) to get up to speed.
  6. Kawaii Not: Like cute stuff? Then this comic is for you. If you’re not smiling from the jokes (generally sweet and innocent puns) the adorable characters are sure to improve your day no matter what is going on.
  7. Xkcd: This comic is not only one of the most popular on the web, but perfect choice for students who are science- and technology-oriented. If you’re not a geek, you might not always get the humor. But if you are, you’ll enjoy hours of laughter at topics like time travel, internet security and philosophy.
  8. Dinosaur Comics: You might be surprised that a comic that features the same illustrations over and over every week could be good, but this comic truly is a gem among web comics. The talking dinosaurs it features covers a wide range of topics from philosophy to rap duo Salt N Pepa , generally with hilarious results.
  9. Achewood: The characters at the center of this comic are pets and stuffed animals, living in a fictional home on Achewood Ct. Readers may need to go back a few weeks to get into the swing of the current storyline, but the walking, talking and very strange animals at the center of this comic are sure to entertain. Make sure not to miss out on the additional jokes in the comic found by mousing over the image.
  10. Sinfest: Created by Japanese-American artist Tatsuya Ishida, this comic focuses on two main characters, Slick and Monique as they engage in a range of satirical and sometimes fantastical situations. Readers will recognize the anime style and appreciate the humor about sex, religion and a wide range of political topics.
  11. UserFriendly: If you’re a student in a tech-related major you’ll love this comic. Set in a internet service provider, it mostly deals with the problems encountered by the staff of this company in providing tech support– something new grads will soon be very familiar with.
  12. White Ninja: Drawn in a style that is reminiscent of the work found in kindergarten classrooms, this comic is endearing in the simplicity and randomness of the adventures of the main character, the White Ninja. Readers can follow him as he misunderstands and messes up nearly everything he encounters.
  13. A Softer World: If you’ve ever spent time giving pictures funny captions (and who hasn’t?), you’ll appreciate the brilliance of this simple, but quite funny, web comic. It features a series of three pictures that on their own are generally quite innocuous, but with accompanying text take on an entirely different feel.
  14. Creased Comics: College students who’ve enjoyed the work of Brad Neely in such humorous videos as "George Washington" and the Babycakes series will likely enjoy his comics as well. If you haven’t seen either, there’s no better time than now to get a laugh.
  15. Penny Arcade: Gamers of all kinds will find jokes they can appreciate and laugh at in this web comic. Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, it updates multiple times a week and provides new laughs for students looking for them quite regularly.
  16. Indexed: Math majors and statistics nerds will appreciate this comic filled with graphs, pie charts and Venn diagrams. Students will be surprised at just how funny or insightful a graph or pie chart (generally pretty boring things) can actually be with the posts on this regularly updated comic.
  17. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Written and drawn by Chris Hastings, this comic features the fictional adventures of a character who is not only a doctor, but also a ninja. While generally pretty story driven, the individual panels can still bring a laugh to those who aren’t familiar with the comic. After all, a guy who is a doctor and a ninja, wants to be Batman, and rides a raptor is pretty funny on its own.
  18. Cyanide and Happiness: Simply drawn, this web comic is written by four different authors but provides consistent humor for readers. Topics are often risque or controversial, but rarely too offensive to be unfunny to all but the most sensitive readers.
  19. Standard Deviation: College students will appreciate the humorous look at love, friendships and more from a student’s perspective in this comic, updated twice a week.
  20. Overcompensating: This autobiographical comic written by Jeffery Rowland, is a bit of a diary of the odd and funny events that occur in his daily life with a little imagination and satire thrown in.

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