50 Best Blogs for the Ultimate Harry Potter Head

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November 14th, 2010

Filled with witches, wizards and epic battles between good and evil, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to this best-selling series. Whether you’re a fan of the books or movies, a college student or a senior, superfan or dabbler or some combination of all of these things, you’ll find loads of resources to connect with other Harry Potter fans on the web. If you’re new to tracking down the best wizarding resources online, try these great blogs. You’ll get the latest news on everything Potter, find ways to connect with other fans and even discover opportunities to get creative with your own Potter-inspired inventions.

Top Picks

These sites offer not only great blogs but a ton of other resources that will keep even the most demanding Potter fan happy.

  1. The Leaky Cauldron: This site is an essential resource for the Harry Potter fan, with news, fan galleries, information about the books and much more.
  2. Mugglenet: This is one of the biggest Harry Potter sites out there, and it doesn’t disappoint. Readers will find all the latest news about Potter happenings on the blog can connect with other fans in forums.
  3. Harry Potter’s Page: With information on the books and movies, this site includes not only a blog but a host of other resources to sate your appetite for everything Harry Potter related.
  4. Magical Menagerie: Try out this large site to find a great assortment of news on Harry Potter, as well as resources to help you bone up on your knowledge of wizardly things.
  5. Harry Potter Fan Zone: This blog is a must-read for those who want to keep up with news about the films, see exclusive content and find all the Harry Potter resources needed to be an informed fan.
  6. Accio Potter: While there’s plenty of interest to keep you busy on this site’s blog, you’ll also find resources like a forum, wizard-inspired music, podcasts and much more.
  7. Veritaserum: This top Potter blog will help you count down the days until the release of the latest film.


You wouldn’t be a true fan if you didn’t know every detail about the books and movies, so stay informed by checking out these news sites just for Potter fans.

  1. Snitch Seeker: Follow this blog to stay in-the-loop when it comes to Harry Potter movie news and updates about the films’ stars.
  2. The Daily Snitcher: There are few better resources to get your Harry Potter news than this site, with special sections for book, movie, video game and theme park news.
  3. Muggle India: Potter fans come from around the world and this India-based blog is an excellent place to keep up with the news fans care about most.
  4. HPANA: At the Harry Potter News Aggregator, you’ll be able to get news from all the top Harry Potter sites in one place.
  5. HP4U: Check out this blog’s version of the Daily Prophet for frequent updates, pictures and clips on the Harry Potter series.
  6. The Daily Potter: You’ll find a wealth of news stories, videos and photos on this blog.
  7. Harry Potter World: This site provides an excellent news feed for anyone hoping to catch the latest Potter gossip and tidbits.
  8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Love the Harry Potter films and can’t wait for the latest release? This blog will ensure you know every last detail about the movies as it becomes available.
  9. NYT Arts Beat: Harry Potter: The New York Times is a well-respected news source, so why not get your Harry Potter news there as well?

Fan Sites

These fans discuss the series from a wide range of different points of view, letting you learn and analyze the world of Harry Potter in whole new ways.

  1. Horcrux City: Take a little deeper look into Harry Potter, with this blog that analyzes the characters, world and politics of the series.
  2. Hogwarts Professor: Here you’ll find a more serious take on the lessons and stories shared in the Harry Potter books for the discriminating Potter scholar.
  3. Expecto Patronum!: Share your enthusiasm for HP with this blogger, who offers up some really great posts on the series.
  4. The Hog’s Head: Check out this fun blog for one blogger’s take on all things Potter. Along with the posts, you’ll get access to a weekly podcast.
  5. Lord of the Hallows: Learn about the symbolism found in Harry Potter and other popular fantasy series from this blog.


If you are more of a fan of the books than the movies, check out these blogs.

  1. Mark Reads Harry Potter: This blog lets you follow along as blogger Mark reads through the series, sharing his thoughts along the way.
  2. JK Rowling Fan: Learn more about the woman who started it all with this fan blog.
  3. In Honor of Rowling: If you love the work of JK Rowling and want more of not just Harry Potter, but her other work as well, check out this blog.
  4. The Last Muggle to Read Harry Potter: This blogger was years behind the crowd when it came to picking up the Harry Potter books and reading them. Now you can follow her blog for posts about both the books and movies.
  5. Books and Wands: You’ll find quick quips and comments on Harry Potter through this blog all about the books.


Potter addicts can learn more about the actors and actresses who star in the Harry Potter films through this assortment of blogs.

  1. Dan Radcliffe.co.uk: Follow what this Harry Potter actor is up to, especially regarding his work on the films through this blog.
  2. DanRadcliffe.com: On this blog, you’ll get access to the latest news about the actor who plays Harry Potter himself.
  3. Emma Watson and Harry Potter: This blog is the best place to find information about Emma Watson’s role in the Harry Potter films.
  4. RupertGrint.net: Love Ron Weasley? This blog will let you keep tabs on the young actor who plays the part.
  5. Phelpsaholics: If you just can’t get enough of these young actors in the HP films, this blog will let you easily keep up with all their latest projects.
  6. Emma-Watson.net: From photos of Harry Potter shoots to her latest roles, this site offers up everything Watson.
  7. Emmaw.net: Follow along as the actress who plays Hermione finishes up the HP series and moves on to other projects, college and more through this blog.
  8. Feltbeats.com: Tom Felton may play the dastardly Draco Malfoy in the Potter films, but in real life he’s just a normal guy who loves to make music. Hear some of it here.
  9. Helena Fan: This quirky actress is hard to forget in her role as Bellatrix Lastrange, and you can learn more about her by reading this blog.


If you’ve got a Harry Potter character that’s your favorite above all others, these blogs can indulge your fandom.

  1. Ron and Hermione Source: The clips, posts and photos on this site focus solely on Ron and Hermione
  2. Love Unchained: This blog is all about the relationship between Ron and Hermione, in the books and movies.
  3. LunaFans: Get your quirky Lovegood fix, with this blog dedicated to Luna Lovegood news.
  4. HG Studio: Can’t get enough of the Harry-Ginny love story? This site has you covered.


On these blogs, you’ll be able to read more about Harry Potter and interact with other fans at the same time.

  1. MuggleSpace: This MySpace of Harry Potter is a perfect way to connect with fans, start your own blog or read the posts of others.
  2. Harry Potter Alliance: Want to use your love of Harry Potter to do good? Join up with this charitable organization inspired by the series, working on everything from human rights to improving literacy.
  3. Ultimate Hogwarts Daily Prophet: Sign up for this RSS feed and you can easily keep up with Potter news and this fun RPG based on the books.
  4. Hogwarts Extreme: Readers of this blog can not only find informative Potter news, but can join in a fun RPG as well.

Fun Stuff

These blogs offer some fun ways to engage with other fans and have fun being a Potter fan.

  1. Harry Potter Review: Need to know whether a Harry Potter product is worth buying? Read reviews of anything and everything you can buy here.
  2. Wizrocklopedia: Ever heard of wizard rock? Well this blog will give you a quick education, sharing some of the best Harry Potter-inspired music out there.
  3. The Whomping Willows: This band, inspired by the nasty tree in the series, offers up loads of wizard music goodness for fans on their blog.
  4. Harry and the Potters: These fans put their love of Harry Potter to good use, performing songs inspired by the series and other books just for fun. With songs like "Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock!" and "Save Ginny Weasley" you can’t go wrong.
  5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: This blog will help you keep up with everything going on at the theme park based on Harry Potter at Universal Studios.
  6. HP DB: If you’re looking for great Harry Potter costumes or other merchandise, this blog offers the best costumes, collectables, and paraphernalia out there.
  7. Muggles Behaving Badly Online: Naughty muggles can unite on this site, a hub of information, communication and just plain fun.

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