Environmental Engineering Technician

What Does an Environmental Engineering Technician Do?
Environmental engineering technicians apply their technical knowledge and understanding of environmental engineering to test, operate and manage equipment and tools used by engineers and scientists. They are well-versed in the equipment and devices used to control, remedy and prevent environmental pollution and its hazardous effects, and they handle waste treatment and recycling sites as well. The majority of their efforts are put toward finding new ways to treat environmental issues in addition to preserving the environment’s natural resources. Under the direction of engineers, some technicians may help develop environmental pollution remediation devices that will reverse environmental damage, while others may focus on recycling and the pollution hazards associated with this process. With their technical knowledge and familiarity of industry-specific equipment, environmental engineering technicians are valuable to the work of various engineers and environmental scientists.

What Is the Employment and Salary Outlook for an Environmental Engineering Technician?
The employment outlook for environmental engineering technicians is expected to be favorable, considering the global actions to limit pollution and be more environmentally conscious. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental engineering technicians should see a 30 percent employment growth by 2018, which is much faster than the average for all jobs. Technicians will continue to be sought after due to the need to comply with environmental regulations and safety measures. In addition, technicians will be hired to develop methods of cleaning up existing hazards and preventing new ones, specifically those that put public health in danger. In addition to the positive employment outlook, environmental engineering technicians typically receive competitive pay. Environmental engineering technicians made an average salary of $41,100 in 2008, according to the Bureau.

How Can I Become an Environmental Engineering Technician?
In order to become an environmental engineering technician, you must first learn the fundamental and technical skills needed within the field. To do so, you should begin developing your education and field knowledge. Most potential environmental engineering technicians earn their associate degree in engineering technology or other science-related majors. During your degree program, you’ll take classes in science, math and any additional classes that are applicable to your technology specialty. Once you’ve earned the necessary credentials, you’ll be eligible to start an entry-level job at an engineering firm, laboratory and other organizations that can use your expertise. You may perform the general duties of an environmental engineering technician, such as analyzing environmental pollutants, testing resources and consulting with environmental scientists or engineers about remediation methods.