Services & Trades

This section contains all of the odd jobs from various industries that associate degree-holders have the opportunity to hold. Earning an associate degree is something many employers see as proof that you are willing to go above and beyond and dedicate yourself to attaining a goal. In addition, many employers are now actively seeking out applicants who have finished college courses beyond high school, even if they are looking to fill positions that only formally require a high school diploma. This means that earning an associate degree not only gives employers an immediate positive view of your character, but it also gives you an edge over the competition.

An associate degree education makes you a valuable candidate for many occupations, including jobs in design, piloting, teaching, and real estate. With so many different occupations available, there is bound to be a fitting job to suit any associate degree-holder’s interests. Those who love to help others may find the best opportunities in becoming teaching assistants, fire fighters, or flight attendants. Those who have a creative and artistic side may find the best opportunities in becoming fashion designers or interior designers. Those who would like to specialize in a niche trade have the option of becoming medical equipment repairers, automotive service technicians, or funeral directors. The opportunities are endless, and many of these positions also give employees the chance to advance up in ranks as they gain more experience. Many of these positions also give workers a great degree of independence as well so that they may govern themselves without having to constantly report to a higher-up in the business.