100 Best Blogs for New Media Students

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August 24th, 2009

By Hannah Watson

New Media students are on the verge of an exciting and evolving field of study. With topics ranging from social networking to innovative art forms to gaming to Internet policy and politics falling under this umbrella, there is plenty for students to learn about and stay connected with. Adding these blogs to your favorite reader will help you keep current on all that is happening in the world of New Media.

Academic Blogs

These professors, researchers, and grad students offer their academic perspective on New Media.

  1. Lessig Blog. Lawrence Lessig’s influential blog provides in-depth analysis and commentary on technology, freedom, and the law.
  2. Center for History and New Media. This site is dedicated to preserving and relating history through digital media and technology.
  3. Angela A Thomas. A professor in Australia, Dr. Thomas includes plenty of information about technology, especially as it pertains to education, in her blog.
  4. Anne Helmond. Both a lecturer and a researcher in the field of new media, Anne shares her work on this blog.
  5. MediaCommons. Scholarship and digital media meet on this blog.
  6. Masters of Media. From the grad students at University of Amsterdam earning their Masters in New Media and offers an insightful world view of new media.
  7. Confessions of an Aca-Fan. The former Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, Henry Jenkins provides his perspective on topics ranging from crowdsourcing to media literacy.
  8. jill/txt. This professor in Norway discusses several aspects of social media on her blog.
  9. Premediation. Richard Grusin blogs about the agents of new media’s relationship to the public’s perception of their future.
  10. Virtualpolitik. Learn how social networking is shaping information filtered to the masses and the political and social implications of new media.
  11. Augmented Social Cognition. This blog from Palo Alto Research Center looks at how groups work and think. Much of their research explores new media in this context.
  12. Media at LSE. The Department of Media and Communication PhD students at London School of Economics and Political Science blog here.
  13. TeleFrieden. Rob Frieden writes about current telecommunication issues and the law in this blog.
  14. Posthegemony. This blog provides a study of cultures and civilizations after a period of oppression using current events and popular culture as a magnifying glass.
  15. New Media Literacies Blog. This group studies new media and learning in an effort to make positive changes to the educational system.

Social Media

Find out what is happening in the world of social media with these blogs that discuss social networking, relationship building, culture, and more.

  1. MediaShift. This PBS blog looks at blogging, Twitter, virtual worlds, and more.
  2. Mashable. "The social media guide," Mashable provides readers with genuinely interesting and helpful information when it comes to all things social media.
  3. Social Media Insider. Examining issues such as social media censorship, pricing models for social media, and relationship-building as a tool for social media marketing, this blog covers important issues of the field.
  4. SmartMobs. Based on the book of the same name, this blog looks at the power of communications and computer connectivity on culture.
  5. Alex Halavais. Halavais is a professor of interactive communications and his blog posts frequently focus on various aspects of social media.
  6. Publishing 2.0. Take a look at what is going on in the world of online publishing, from blogging to web content.
  7. Collaborative Thinking. Mike Gotta posts about connections and communication specifically as it has to do with social media.
  8. Moving from Me to We. This blog focuses on ways to connect with others via social media to boost personal development.
  9. Blog of Collective Intelligence. Explore the evolution of communities through collaboration, specifically through social networking, here.
  10. Tiara.org. A PhD candidate studying social technology, Alice Marwick blogs about social media and culture.
  11. Unit Structures. Facebook and Twitter usage feature highly on this blog about social networks and technology.
  12. My PhD Blog. This Danish PhD candidate writes specifically about youth and their usage of social networks.

New Media Arts

These blog offer insight from the world of art with a technological twist.

  1. reBlog. From Eyebeam, a non-profit supporting media arts and technology education, this blog features a wide range of posts–most with a visual element.
  2. information aesthetics. Creativity meets technology meets visual arts in this blog.
  3. Hypernarrative.com. Art, media, and technology are the subjects Wilbert Baan include on his blog.
  4. New Media Initiatives. A blog of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, readers can find plenty about art and technology here.
  5. Kevin Flanagan. This Irish artist uses this blog as a sort of sketch book of his works in progress as he explores the visual arts.
  6. Ratchet Up. High tech digital art is the subject of John Schott’s blog.
  7. Design with Intent. This blog examines the way things are designed in an attempt to shape behavior.
  8. click opera imomus. Read Momus’ blog that covers everything from music to fiction to visual art.
  9. Art21 Blog. This group promotes contemporary art through diverse media and their blog offers insight and trends.
  10. we make money not art. The ironic title of this unusual blog is just the tip of the intriguing iceberg as you explore new media art news, opportunities, and more.
  11. Rhizome. This group supports art that incorporates new technologies, and this blog invites you to participate as an observer or artist.

New Media and Culture

Read about the impact of New Media studies on culture worldwide with these blogs.

  1. apophenia. Danah Boyd blogs about the ways people use the Internet for social connection and the implications of this use.
  2. Rough Type. Nicholas Carr shares his insight on new media and its usage here.
  3. The Great Seduction. This blog by Andrew Keen discusses the intersection of culture and the Internet.
  4. mathewingram.com/work. Media, culture, and journalism are the focus of Mathew Ingram’s blog.
  5. CyberJournalist.net. This site updates frequently with news, tips, and information about online journalism, citizen media, and digital storytelling.
  6. E-Media Tidbits. From the Poynter Institute, this blog covers news about the online news business.
  7. Dynamist Blog. Virginia Postrel writes about consumer variety, the business of glamour, organ donation, and other bits of culture and new media on her blog.

New Media Business Blogs

These blogs offer insight from those doing business in the field of New Media.

  1. New Media Strategies Blog. The employees of this company each contribute a voice to this blog that covers trends and topics relevant to social media.
  2. Concentric Sky. This web development company shares information about technology related to social media on its blog.
  3. W3 Blog. W3 EDGE’s blog shares insight on how best to optimize your Internet usage for business.
  4. Signal vs. Noise. From 37signals, this blog features a variety of information including interviews with experts in the field, news and updates about their products and what is happening at 37signals, and the business of new media.
  5. Chris Garrett on New Media. This new media expert and consultant provides plenty of tips and resources for those looking to improve their blogging experience.
  6. Socialmedia.biz. Find tons of social media strategies alongside social media news here.
  7. Gravity7: Social Interaction Design by Adrian Chan. See what Adrian Chan has to say about topics such as ambient knowledge, social media metaphors, social media usage, and more.
  8. All Facebook. Get news and analysis about Facebook as well as information about applications from this consultancy group.
  9. Mythos Media Weblog. This media publishing group is all about breaking the mold and innovation.
  10. Culture Blog. Engaging new audiences is the business of be+cause strategies, and this blog offers their experience.


Technology and New Media are the topics in these blogs.

  1. I, Cringely. Robert X. Cringely has written professionally on technology since the mid-80s and shares his insight on his blog.
  2. The Technology Liberation Front. Examine the legal and political side of current technology issues in this blog.
  3. Alertbox. Updated once every two weeks, this blog from Dr. Jakob Nielsen examines web usability issues.
  4. TechCrunch. Learn about Internet products and companies, as well as their comings and goings, on this blog.
  5. TED Blog. Keep up with trends and hear from experts in a variety of fields when you watch the amazing videos posted on the TED blog.
  6. MobileActive’s Blog. Find out how people are affecting social change through mobile technology on this blog.
  7. Enterprise 2.0 Blog. The official blog of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, you can find information about social tools and technologies to help businesses.
  8. Kasper Souren a.k.a. Guaka. Social networks, wikis, and open source are often topics on this technology-centered blog.
  9. Question Technology. Get commentary about technology and society on Kevin Arthur’s blog.
  10. Technology360. Written by a former executive at NPR, this blog examines technology and social media.

Politics and Policy

These blogs are all about monitoring and shaping the politics and policy surrounding New Media.

  1. Benton Foundation Digital Beat. The Benton Foundation works to create policy that will ensure that media and telecommunications works in the best interest of the people and share their view on communications policy on this blog.
  2. P2P Foundation. This organization promotes peer-to-peer practices and serves to unite others with the same agenda.
  3. Joris van Hoboken. Digital civil rights with a global perspective is the main feature on this blog.
  4. The Googlization of Everything. Siva Vaidhyanathan explores the impact of Google on the way information is presented to the public and how they are going about doing what they do.
  5. Open and Shut?. Richard Poynder examines the policies behind open access here.
  6. Wikimedia Blog. This blog is written by the non-profit foundation that supports Wikipedias around the world and contains information about usability, open source, and more.
  7. Public Knowledge Policy Blog. This blog is part of a public interest group working to defend users’ rights in the digital world.
  8. Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, Education. Explore the impact of new media information dissemination and policy with this blog.
  9. Slashdot. Stay on top of news that affects your online rights with this blog.
  10. Media and Communications Policy. This blog examines first amendment issues surrounding communications and media.
  11. Tech Daily Dose. Keep up with the latest news about politics and policy in the tech world.
  12. Bottom-up. Tim Lee writes about technology policy–specifically exploring the power held by large institutions and how to loosen their grip.

Media Censorship and Freedom Issues

Online censorship and freedom are discussed on these blogs.

  1. michaelzimmer.org. Michael Zimmer examines ethics, privacy, censorship, and the Internet on his blog.
  2. On the Media. Download the stories available here each week from NPR to stay current on news media with a focus on trends risking freedom of information and expression.
  3. Freedom to Tinker. From Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy, this blog touches on censorship, open source, government transparency, and much more.
  4. Nart Villeneuve. Internet censorship, both ruminations on the subject and actual examples, are the focus of this blog.
  5. Infothought. Censorship with a particular eye on Google and Wikipedia is what Seth Finkelstein discusses here.

New Media Working for Social Change

From ecology to non-violent revolutions, these blogs work for social change through new media.

  1. Worldchanging. Changing the world for the better through new media is the goal of this non-profit, and they blog about it here.
  2. iRevolution. Learn how technology and new media can empower people to protect themselves as well as coordinate non-violent revolutions.
  3. Mediacology. New media and ecology combine to make up the posts on this blog.

Gaming Technology

These aren’t your typical gaming blogs, with quality posts offering thoughtful and thought-provoking topics.

  1. Futile. Ryan Lane’s video blog provides information about gaming and human interaction.
  2. Terra Nova. This collaborative blog about virtual worlds is written by a first-rate team of academics and professionals.
  3. Game Girl Advance. This blog explores the intersection of gaming, pop culture, and the perspective of the gamer.
  4. Grand Text Auto. Gaming, game design, and the stories behind those who play and design games feature in this blog.
  5. GameSetWatch. Get articles, interviews, and opinions about gaming here.
  6. Wonderland. Keep up with the latest pop culture gaming news in this fun blog.
  7. The Escapist: Featured Articles. Find high-quality content providing news and updates about gaming here.
  8. The Brainy Gamer. Find "thoughtful conversation about video games" on this blog.
  9. Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Four top gaming journalists from the UK write this blog that is all about PC gaming.
  10. Gamasutra Expert Blogs. Read these insightful articles from the experts associated with Gamasutra.
  11. Gamespace.nl. Gaming, online journalism, and presentations and talks on new media are the topics most visited on this blog from a PhD student in Amsterdam.

New Media News and Popular Culture

Stay on top of pop culture news and events with these blogs.

  1. Valleywag. Get news on popular culture and new media stories on this blog updated frequently during the weekdays.
  2. Underwire. Keep up with all the latest in popular culture with a visual media edge to it with this blog from Wired Magazine.
  3. Too many topics, too little time. This blog covers music, video, and books as well as the copyright, freedom, and open source issues that surround them.
  4. FBHive. Written by two 20-somethings with a passion for Facebook, this blog keeps you in the know with happenings at Facebook.

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