100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Homeschoolers

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January 24th, 2010

By Pamelia Brown

If you are a homeschooler and are looking for inspiration from other homeschoolers, then this list is a great place to start. Taken from some of the most popular homeschooling blogs from homeschool students, and from both mothers and fathers, these blog posts provide inspiration on homeschooling, family, God, and even food. Enrich your family’s education with these inspirational words from other homeschoolers.

About Homeschooling

From the politics of homeschooling to why some families choose to homeschool, these posts all offer a take on homeschooling.

  1. Why I still homeschool. This post describes why one family homeschools their children, despite what others sometimes say.
  2. school tour. A homeschooling mom considers a private Catholic school, but opts to continue to homeschool instead. Find out why.
  3. How we came to homeschool. Read about this family’s decision to homeschool their children.
  4. Why don’t Students like school?. Examine these thoughts on how traditional schools remove freedom from students.
  5. Arthur B. Robinson on Homeschooling. This essay likens a child’s education to learning to swim, with public schools throwing students into the deep end.
  6. A Call to Homeschool. This young woman explains what homeschooling provided her and why she plans to do the same for her family.
  7. A Special Feature on Homeschooling. This homeschooler denounces the media attention in favor of being left alone to take care of her family.
  8. Salon.com: Home schooling: How we do it. This post provides links to two articles on homeschooling.
  9. When Your Family and Friends Don’t Support Your Homeschooling. Thinking back on the decision to homeschool, this mom remembers the reactions of friends and family–and how different they are today.
  10. Success on Paper or Success in Life – Which Would You Choose?. What is your ultimate goal for homeschooling? This post takes a look at one answer.
  11. Alternative Education. Take a look at emotional education and how people learn with the thoughts here.
  12. Special Needs Children: Bring Them Home Where They Belong. This post takes a look at homeschooling special needs children and offers additional resources on the subject.
  13. Reaching Homeschoolers. This homeschooler thinks about how understanding homeschoolers is essential when trying to connect with them.
  14. The Outlawing of Homeschooling. This post asks for reflection on what you would do to protect your right to homeschool your children.

Making Things Run Smoothly

Finding what works for each family is at the heart of these blogs.

  1. 10 Habits of a Happy Homeschool. From awakening 1/2 hour before her children to having the children play outside for at least 2 hours a day, find out what works for this family.
  2. Foreign Language Instruction in our Home. These parents initially disagreed over how to teach German to their children, but through homeschooling, get to embrace both ways of instruction.
  3. Travelling with (Homeschool) Kids Step 3: Coming to Terms With "Skipping" School. If you struggle with feeling guilty about not staying on your schedule, then read this post about appreciating the ability to learn outside the lesson plan.
  4. Weekly Wrap Up. This mom faces the reality of needing to teach in the manner that is most effective for her rather than depending on what works for someone else.
  5. Inspiration. This post offers one way a mom finds inspiration.
  6. Establishing a Morning Routine — Maximize Your Mornings. Find out what this mom has to say about her family’s morning routine.
  7. Household Ways. Discovering your routine and what works for your family is a gift.
  8. Cyber School?. This mom lets her homeschooling take a turn based on her daughter’s informed choice.

Homeschooling Tips and Resources

Find great suggestions and resources to give your lessons a boost.

  1. Cameras as Homeschool Tools: 10 Great Ideas. Use these suggestions to incorporate photography into your homeschool curriculum.
  2. NASA teaching your kids science. Find out about five science lessons available from NASA that are appropriate for K-12.
  3. History Helps. Get ideas on how to teach history in the elementary years based on the Charlotte Mason’s methods.
  4. Free Online Homeschool Videos: Math, Science, and More!. Learn where you can get free videos to use with your children.
  5. Great Homeschool Resources. This blog post offers seven homeschool resources, including books, Web sites, history lessons, and more.
  6. Large Family Workbox System for Homeschool. This large family uses a great system for keeping materials organized.
  7. Thoughts on Teaching Fractions and Student Work Ethic. This mother thinks about fractions and what they may signal to a parent and teacher–and how a student work ethic can be reinforced.
  8. 35 New Year’s Traditions from Countries and Cultures Around the World. Find out what people around the world do to welcome the new year.
  9. New thoughts for school. Eliminating so much reading across all subjects has helped one young learner to move ahead with much more progress on her reading abilities.
  10. Happy Phonics–Happy Mama!. A veteran homeschooler shares how she has adapted her phonics lessons and organization.
  11. Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear 2nd Edition. Read about this recommendation for calculus help.
  12. Art Cards. Take a look at these art cards and see how one mom incorporates them in her lessons.

Lesson Ideas

These posts offer specific lesson ideas to inspire your teaching.

  1. Writing Project for Early Readers. Learn how to make your own word-picture books here for young children who are reading.
  2. Respecting our Elders. Use the ideas here to ensure you are instilling a respect for elders.
  3. Homeschool Mini Conference. See how these homeschool families set up a mini conference here.
  4. How To Write a Lab Report and Keep a Lab Book. High school students can learn this science lesson in preparation for college science labs.
  5. Of Haiti and Homeschooling. This mom thinks carefully about how she will teach her family about the earthquakes in Haiti and how she will guide them through the devastation.
  6. Marine Biology – Fun Experiments #1. Find out about some fun high school science experiments in this blog post.
  7. Handwriting & Brush Painting. This post explores the idea of using brush painting as a tool for reinforcing handwriting skills.
  8. Itty-Bitty Book Worm: I Like Me. This lesson features using the book, I Like Me, to reinforce self-esteem and God’s blessings for preschool-aged learners.
  9. Commonplace Book (or half-sheet binder) cover tutorial. Here is a great tutorial to help you learn about making and using a commonplace book.
  10. Productivity. Find a fun recipe for making bowls from goo and newspaper about half way down in this post.
  11. Craft Your Own Board Games. Have your kids make their own board games with this resource.
  12. I get to make candy for school?!?. Anne of Green Gables inspired this fun lesson.


Homeschool family have the ability to make any adventure a learning experience. See what these families have explored.

  1. Climbing Mt. Rainier. These families take learning to new heights.
  2. up a tree. Taking a tree climbing class can be fun and educational, as this mother and daughter discover.
  3. Christmas Break!. Leaving the lessons behind doesn’t mean the learning stops. This family has a fun adventure learning new skills.
  4. Top of the mountain. On the third attempt, this family reaches the summit.
  5. Looking Back on Our First Year on the Farm. Homesteading can be a life adventure, as this post demonstrates.

From Homeschooled Students

Hear from these astute homeschooled students.

  1. Happy Birthday, Daddy. This young woman remembers her father on his birthday and thanks him for all he has done.
  2. ~Ambitions~. This blogger ponders her place in the world in this post.
  3. If The Shoe Fits. Choosing to wear skirts on a daily basis can bring the question of what shoes to wear that will look good with a skirt, yet be practical enough for every day use. See what this woman suggests.
  4. The Long and Short of It. Find out what this post says about having long hair as form of service to God.
  5. Home Making. Now in college, this woman ponders the role of a wife as she reads the book, Home Making.
  6. Welcome, {Samuel Ira}. This proud big sister demonstrates the love and thankfulness a new baby can bring the family.
  7. Look What I Found…. These photographs not only showcase talent, they also remind the reader to recognize the beauty of the every day items.
  8. the value of doing nothing. See what this post says about letting go and giving over to God.
  9. Acorns & Autumn. This young lady gives thanks for autumn and all that it brings.
  10. "Tight enough to show I’m a woman…". Thinking about how to wear her clothing so that she is both modest and feminine is the focus of this post.


These homeschooling bloggers share what they have learned in their walk with God.

  1. Cultivating Habits. This mom thinks about cultivating the habits of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to God in order to model these activities for her children.
  2. "Whatever you do whether in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." Col. 3:17. Reflecting on her work as a mother, this mom realizes that what she does is in the glory of God.
  3. Spiritual Lessons from Deaf Dog. A family learns about following God through their deaf puppy.
  4. The Path of His Presence. Read these thoughts on choosing to follow the path of the Lord.
  5. Gifts. Reflecting on hospitality–truly opening your doors to others– as a service to God is the focus of this blog.
  6. All Good Gifts. This post shows the bounty provided by God.
  7. Trying on Shoes. Thinking about being a servant to God and to others, this mom recognizes a chance to try again tomorrow.
  8. Have Thine Own Way, Lord!. This mom offers up a prayer to help her surrender to God’s plan.
  9. It’s a Sacrifice. The pain that sometimes comes into life can be seen as a sacrifice.
  10. A quick note to the young men at my table…. A father shares a few words with his sons about keeping the Christian faith.
  11. Do You Have Your Child’s Heart? Part 1. Having your child’s heart leads to helping guide them to the Lord.


These posts all have something to say about the special role family plays.

  1. Drenching love. This thoughtful post examines the qualities of love and asks readers to think about removing anything that can stand in the way of the love you show those in your life.
  2. What I do when I’m not blogging…. Take a glimpse into this family’s life on their farm in Texas.
  3. De-Cluttering your Soul—the Secret to Peace and Rest 2010. This post is a great example of a married couple working together as well as the importance of decluttering your life both physically and spiritually.
  4. Kicks, Chocolate, and a Vegetarian. This family is experiencing everything from martial arts to vegetarianism, and Mom guides them through it all.
  5. Family Time is a good thing!. A father reflects on the importance of family time.
  6. More Games. This family connects through a fun day of games and hot chocolate.
  7. silly me. Family comes through when they are needed, no matter the weather outside.
  8. A Wise Son Makes His Father Glad–How About a Wise Daugher-In-Law?. Find out what this dad learns from his new daughter-in-law.
  9. Real pictures, mental pictures. Sharing a winter vacation at the beach with extended family brings joy to all.
  10. My Daughter is Writing a Book. Mom guides her daughter through discovering writing for her own pleasure.
  11. Christmas Eve at the Bowling Alley. Family traditions are the focus of this blog post.
  12. A Mother’s Legacy. This post offers encouragement to mothers everywhere.
  13. Sir Todd, The Dragon Slayer. Get a good reminder of how a husband can support his wife with what seems on the surface to be small tasks.
  14. This Post Will Make You Hungry. A father helps his son understand how women and men approach the world differently by using a food analogy.
  15. The Mom in the Mirror. Children learn about parenting from their parents, as this post discusses.


From recipes to traditions, these posts unite family through food.

  1. Winter: A time to rest, learn and prepare. This stay-at-home daughter writes about canning fruits and vegetables as an act of self-sufficiency.
  2. Coconut Cocoa Pecan Chocolate Chip Brownies. These brownies look delicious. Find out how you can make them with this blog post.
  3. Homemade Pie Crust. Not only do you get to follow along as this young woman makes her first pie crust, but you also get the recipe.
  4. Apple Dumplings. These seven sisters make apple dumplings to last all year long.
  5. Sourdough Bread, Quilting, and Good Words. Find out how this first attempt at making sourdough bread went, then see what else this young woman is up to.
  6. Dec. 25, 2008 – A Homemade Christmas-Jesse Tree & Christmas Morning Treat. Learn about this family’s tradition of making monkey bread as well as their homemade tree.
  7. Canning Pork Roast. If you have never heard about canning meat, then you definitely want to check out this post.
  8. New Year Goal: Trim the Grocery Budget!. Find out how to make a meal for just a few dollars here.
  9. zucchini bread. Try this family’s favorite recipe.
  10. Andes Mint Cookies. If these cookies taste as good as they look, you’ll want to keep this recipe around.
  11. 2010 Health Goal: Drink More Water!. Learn interesting facts about drinking water and get tips on how to increase your and your children’s water intake.
  12. Smockity Cooks: Homemade Country Gravy. Watch this video to learn how to make homemade country gravy without the lumps.
  13. More Pie Recipes to Share. Get some delicious pie recipes here.

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